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Music Ministry

Eric Werse 

Choir Director

Sunday Worship Service Choir

With our hearts focused on God our members lift their voices to make a joyful chorus unto the Lord.  Every Sunday during both of our Worship Services, our choir leads our body of believers into praising God and Worshiping only Him. 

Praise Band

Our Praise Band helps to bring our spirits into focusing our hearts on God.  During Wednesday evening they help us to clear our weary work weed minds, and gain our focus on the most important relationship in our lives, and let our hearts rejoice in the Lord.  On Sunday mornings our worship team and choir prepare our hearts to receive God's Word.  The team also bring their gift of song to many of our special events. 


Our soloist lead worship every Sunday and Wednesday, as well as our special events.  They also bless those who are celebrating their love on their wedding days, as well as minister to the heavy hearted during memorial services. 

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